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“Tony is an engaging and self-styled entrepreneur who is adept at developing creative and outside-the-box ways to bring in revenue.” - Maura Sweeney, Ambassador of Happiness@
What is The Vision Map™?
It is NOT just another book on “how to” grow your business.
It is NOT complicated to learn.
It is NOT about making money.
The Vision Map™ brings YOUR FUTURE TO YOU.
The issues that bring businesses, careers, and even relationships to their knees and fail (the bad news), is a lot easier to fix than you think (the good news). Inside you will find hard-won knowledge, perfected over time, that guarantees your success if you apply the simple basics. You have everything you need to take your business, career and even your relationship, to new levels you may not have thought about as possible.
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“Tony DUrso will not only meet your EXPECTATIONS, he will EXCEED them.” - Musa Elmaghrabi, Legendary Fitness
“He’s the Best of the Best.” - Jeff Spenard, CEO VoiceAmerica
Inside Of The Book, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You’ll Be Given For FREE…
  •  Looking for why most businesses fail? DON’T look further. Read this book instead and you’ll discover why most businesses (and relationships) really fail
  • What is the Common Denominator that most businesses really fail. I have not yet found anyone who had this answer
  • Do you think that just having Plenty of MONEY will make any business grow (or make any relationship succeed)?—You know that’s not true, right? Find the real answer here
  • How I started in podcast and radio 2 1/2 Years Ago personally knowing ZERO celebrities and successful entrepreneurs, to having the top elite as my friends and a waiting list to get on my shows a year long
  • How I started in business with ZERO Audience and growing that to over 2.3 million downloads in 2 1/2 years
  • Why only having a “MISSION Statement” doesn’t work. It does not guarantee any success. The real reason is this…
  • How to work out your Vision? What is a VISION? Why do you need a Vision
  • Why SHORT-TERM GOALS of a month or two do not work and you should not try that…
  • How long to PLAN YOUR FUTURE? How many years do you need to really look ahead to achieve regular and consistent success…
  • How to work out a MASTER PLAN for your future, and include the Strategic and Tactical Planning steps you need to make it really work…
  • How to really be an EFFECTIVE LEADER and what does that mean
    A SIMPLE LOOK at why just saying, “I wanna be this or that when I grow up” does not work, and how to really make it work…
  • So many books; so MANY CONFUSING PROCEDURES; so many things to remember; so many lectures, seminars and webinars. If you have not attained your biggest success yet, then let’s get simple and do Your Vision Map™…
  • The dictionary states that a VISION is the ABILITY to THINK ABOUT or PLAN the FUTURE with IMAGINATION or WISDOM. There is so much more to that, which I fully explain
  • If you think you will just “GET LUCKY” someday, forget about it! Out of 100s of top successful people (some millionaires and billionaires in training) only one or two had their life handed to them! Every one else had to work and never give up
  • Why do some people make it SEEM SO EASY to reach their success as if it was by magic? Well, there is no magic that really does that. But there is The Vision Map™ that I guarantee will work for you if you give it a try
  • What is a LONG-TERM OBJECTIVE? How long should you plan out your future
  •  WHAT IS A PURPOSE? How does that fit in with the success of your business, career or relationship
  • Get some great examples of an ATTAINABLE PURPOSE that can translate into a doable Vision
  • THE LONG-TERM OBJECTIVE is your ultimate position to achieve, in fulfillment of your wider Purpose and here’s how to set it up
  • What is a MASTER PLAN? What should be in it? This may surprise you. It’s just two steps
  • What is the DIFFERENCE between a Strategic Plan and a Tactical Plan
  • How to put YOUR ENTIRE VISION into a list of actions you can accomplish day in, day out...
  • WHAT DRIVES YOUR Long-Term Objective? Don’t bother thinking about it for long, the answer is right here
  • How do you GET YOUR EMPLOYEES, CONSULTANTS, AFFILIATES and everyone else on the same page as you? You won’t believe how easy that is
  • Talk about ACHIEVING THE IMPOSSIBLE? Well, you won’t have to talk about that anymore as you will learn how to make things happen
  • To sit on the couch or computer all day WATCHING TELEVISION OR PLAYING GAMES, or get something done for your future? How do you get motivated? How do you make things really happen
  • What happens when you tell everyone what you are going to DO IN THE FUTURE and why that often brings about failure, unless you know the mechanism behind it…
  • The best way to TELL THE WORLD when you have something accomplished. It’s too simple most people overlook it
  • Get your wits around this fact that APPLYING THIS AND GETTING SOMETHING DONE can not ever stop you ever. It’s the only way and most successful way of dealing with your accomplishments
  • YOU REALLY WANT SUCCESS? I’ll ask again, you really want success? Then go out there and do this
  • How to INTEND FOR SOMETHING TO HAPPEN? Is this magic or what? How does it work
  • Do you want to know HOW TO EFFECTIVELY VISUALIZE SOMETHING? I mean really, really make something materialize in our universe? Then you will love this
  • Why this as a goal has a flaw: BE A BILLIONAIRE, because that is just being. Do this instead
  • A person who is successful is a person who PERSISTS. Persistence: that says it all. Here’s why…
  • Can you put together EIGHT STEPS to get your amazing VISION in front of you and see it actually get accomplished. If so, then you’ll love this…
  • There is only ONE THING TO DO WHEN YOU LOSE A SALE OR FAIL AT SOMETHING. There is only one thing for you to do, which may blow some minds
  • You can’t really WORK 24 HOURS A DAY, can you? While it may sound odd, you have to learn when to take a break and when not. Here’s the simple answer to that
  • Do you ever get “messed up” by a failure or some negativity? This SURPRISING SIMPLE REMEDY WILL PICK YOU BACK UP. It works like crazy and is the most superior remedy I’ve ever found…
  • There is one action, JUST ONE, which is above all else that literally and actually guarantees YOUR SUCCESS. It makes me laugh just thinking about it how simple it can really be…
  • You have heard it said that sales is a “NUMBERS GAME,” which is true, but that is a shallow statement. So you’re gonna make 1 million phone calls because it’s a numbers game? Really? Why not just do this instead
  • Do you want to UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES A GOOD LEADER? You would be a very good leader if you made your decisions based upon the accomplishment of
  • Do you think that being highly successful is all about CHARISMA, CHARM and HAVING PEOPLE LIKE YOU? Won’t this surprise the heck out of you
Check Out What Others Are Saying About My High-Quality Shows Produced As A Result Of The Vision Map™ !
Tony is by far the most insightful and rationale host in the business. His interview style is easy but substantive. He welcomes and engages his audience and guests. He has vast knowledge that he displays with humility. What a pleasure.
- Dr. Christopher Metzler, Senior Fellow at
Tony is providing such value with his show, which every entrepreneur can benefit from. I have listened to and been interviewed on many podcasts, but Tony’s show has so far been my favorite as he delivers great value with tips, and strategies. Definitely a great show to subscribe to!
- Kay Sanders, The Jump Start Coach
Really love the way Tony brings unique and diverse guests to his show, covering many important topics and interesting, practical knowledge. Thanks Tony. Awesome Job.
- Cynthia Mazzaferro, International Empowerment Speaker
I enjoy this series because you gain insight into how the expert being interviewed thinks and what shaped their perspective and career. Sometimes success is more than just learning how to do something, it is about how great people were created and where their views came from and it’s good to hear that communicated in the show.
- David Giannetto, Author, Technology Executive & Speaker
Tony did an excellent job of highlighting the ways that I benefit my clients by helping them identify the business ownership opportunities that best fit their goals. I would recommend any of Tony DUrso’s Recent Chat episodes. He does an excellent job of choosing guests that have relevant information to share. In addition, he is a master at highlighting the most interesting points that a listener wants to know.
- Randy Ingargiola, Business Ownership and Franchise Coach
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2. I’ve done a lot and I’ve seen much of the world. I am perhaps different than some. I’ve accomplished just about everything I wanted to accomplish that is of value to me. Now it’s time to give back.

3. I spent a long time developing this and making it simple and making it something anyone can do. It took work. I want to help people, so here you go!

4. I am very, very proud of what I accomplished in a few short years. I believe everyone can make their dreams; everyone can attain success. Oh yes, I have some more Success Mountains I am going to climb, and while I’m climbing, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.
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I am turning this book into a printed book in the near future. When that happens, this free book offer is gonna be…gone!

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